Customized Deliveries presents...
1 Day in the Life 

How It Works

At 1 Day in the Life our expertly trained stylists have done it all... from visual displays for major department stores all the way to dressing A-list celebs for red carpet events & music videos.                                                                        

Prior to consultation - style quiz questionnaire will be sent to you to be filled out prior to consultation. 
Day 1 - Consultation. You will go through magazines with your stylist so they can get a feel of your style, review the questionnaire & look at your current wardrobe.
Days 2 thru 4 - Shopping days.
Day 5 - Review purchases. Stylist will provide small assortment of sweets & a bottle of sparking fruit juice to be served in a glass flute. Client will look at items bought, try them on for fit & pick out what they want to keep based on pre-determined budget.                                                                             
Consultation fee = $45
Shopping & Administrative Fees = $550

                                                               WHAT YOU GET                       
~ a brand new customized wardrobe
~ professionally styled outfits put together with your new & existing wardrobe
~ small assortment of sweets w/ a bottle of sparking fruit juice 
..... and of course an ultra luxe VIP experience that you'll remember forever!! 

OPTIONAL EXTRAS (cost varies)
~ balloons
~ additional treats & drinks
OPTIONAL FEES (cost varies)
~ color/size exchanges
~ tailoring